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Walking and the stages of life

When you are young, exercise may not be an issue, although the increasing presence of digital devices means more kids are sitting down to play games with their fingers, but as the years add up, it becomes more important to … Continue reading

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To Solve College Stress, Walk More

Stress, in one form or another, enters into out lives at almost all stages, from the early years to the late ones.  The college experience has its own particular kinds of stress–the anxiety about making good in a new environment, … Continue reading

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Savannah is for walkers

Every place you go, go out for a walk.  Savannah is ideal for this means of discovery.  The historic district is flat, the squares are wonderful (and everywhere), just right for relaxing under live oaks and Spanish moss.  The Riverwalk … Continue reading

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NYT Travel piece, writers who were walkers

Great NYT Travel section piece on literary folks who got inspiration from walking, Sunday before last. Walking is a fantastic force to be tapped by writers–good for blood circulation and imagination stimulation at the same time. If you’re stuck as … Continue reading

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Everything starts somewhere

Life is full of mysteries, of possibilities, of connection.  There’s somebody walking down a simple road.  Imagine the mystery options. . . the possibility options. . . the connection options. A key to many of the posts which will follow … Continue reading

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